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Description:Nicole goes for a walk and decides to take a swim in the inviting-looking pool. She undresses completely naked and dips in. Watch as her amazing boobs float as she treads water and swims. Natural life preservers. She leaves the pool and sits on a lounger, dripping wet. Horny, she plays with her tits and then her fingers head further south, dipping into her pussy. Nicole decides to carry on in her bedroom and, still naked, lays down. She takes out a toy and enjoys a mastur-date, looking at the camera as she plays in different positions while the vibrations bring her to cum nirvana. It has been a nice afternoon for Nicole.

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Tags:pussy, tits, leaves, swim, inviting, vibrations, dipping, carry, dips, float, mastur, lounger, floaters, treads, swims, preservers, nirvana

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