Boob Cruise 1997

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Description:Chloe was the hula dancer of SCORE's 1997 Boob Cruise. In this scene from the video of the same name, Chloe's posing as a hula girl is interwoven with the controlled chaos of this girl-loaded voyage in the Caribbean sea. This third Boob Cruise set sail on March 30, 1997 from Barbados. The new ship was the Star Clipper, a beautiful, steel sailing ship. A massive 21 models were on board. There were over 100 SCORE readers and two dozen SCORE staffers. Among the ports of call SCORE sailed to were St. Vincent, St. Lucia and the Tobago Cays. This was Chloe's last Cruise. It was a week of pure, unbridled pleasure and hedonism that many of the guys still reminisce about. A special Boob Cruise retrospective appeared in the July 2010 SCORE.

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